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PU adhesive (Polyurethane)

PU adhesive (Polyurethane)

CP-1066-C (POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE)     DESCRIPTION               CP-1066-C is a polyurethane adhesive for bonding of diverse sandwich elements, especially aluminium honeycomb panels and it is high resistance to high and cold temperature.   Processing               The surface to be bond must be clean, and free of dust, dirt, moisture and grease. The adhesive can be processed without foaming at a temperature range of 10-40⁰C. Ideal processing temperature is 20-30⁰C. The metal face sheets of the sandwich elements to be bonded must have a suitable coating on the glue side so that good bonding is achieved.   TYPICAL PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS   APPEARANCE           : Brown BASE                           : Polyurethane   VISCOSITY                 : LVDVE, Type: 680-980 Tack Life                      : 1 – 10 mins Temperature Range      : Up to 40°C Spray surface               : Single or Both Surface Cleaner                        : Tinner Shelf life                      : Six Months from date of manufacture in original unopened containers.   Packaging   3kg or 20kg per Pail   STORAGE   Store in well-sealed containers and avoid to storage at high temperature and recommend to store within the temperature 4 to 30°C.    read more
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SOLVENT Product Code TrophyTinner Product Description Industrial Tinner Product Application For paint- It is solvents that can dissolve paint and reduce viscosity of paint for use in sprayer applicators, maintain a long working time and to slow the paint from drying on the palette.   For cleaning- remove baked on residue and general cleanup of spills, cleaning purpose in machineries, machine spares manufacturing industries. Product Characteristic Good solvency- dissolving power Product Components Solvent Appearance Colourless liquid Packaging 3Kg, 15Kg & 180Kg   天那水 产品名称 Trophy Tinner 产品描述 天那水 产品用途 Trophy Tinner适于调节漆的溶度和清理脏污等 产品特性 溶解力强 产品成分 溶剂 形体 无色透明液体 包装  3公斤,15公斤和180公斤   read more
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POLYURETHANES (FOAM REBONDING GLUE) Product Code TROPHY288 POLYURETHANES Product Description Polyurethane (foam rebonding glue) Product Application TROPHY288 POLYURETHANES is a foam rebonding glue for foam scrap become rebond foam with hardness and good tensile. Material Specification Product properties Unit Measured value Density at 25ºc g/cm³ 1.03 – 1.08 Viscosity at 25ºc Cps 200 - 750 Flash point ºc >200 Colour - Dark Brown Liquid Nco content % 22 - 25   Method of use Depend on the granular size, adding 7 -15% by weight TROPHY388 POLYURETHANES to granular. After fully mixing, pour into mold. Open time recommendation 10 – 15 minutes at 25ºc. Depend on the temperature, pressure and moisture, demand time will be 30 – 50 minutes.   The information and data contained herein are believed to be correct. However, no liability is accepted. We preserve the right of revision for this information sheet. Storage TROPHY288 POLYURETHANES is sensitive to humidity and should therefore at all times be kept in airtight drums.   Absorption of moisture leads to the formation of insoluble products (skin formation). When kept are the proper storage temperature of 30±5 ºc in airtight drums the material has a shelf life of 6 months. Safety Precautions The place of work should be well ventilated. For the handling of TROPHY288 POLYURETHANES safety goggles and gloves should be worn.   Skin contact with the material should be avoided. Any splashes on the skin should be washed off immediately with soap and water. Should TROPHY288 POLYURETHANES components get into eyes, they should at once be rinsed our thoroughly with water and an optician consulted. Packaging  - 220KG fixed – lid drums   read more
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Trophy Water Based Spray Contact Adhesive
Trophy Water Based Adhesive
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SEALANT Product Code TROPHYDS 95AC DUCT SEALANT Product Description DUCT SEALANT Product Application TROPHY DS 95AC DUCT SEALANT is a solvent-based sealant suitable for use to seal up joint or gaps. It has excellence adhesion onto metal on the air duct. The product has good initial grab and does not slump or sag. Product Properties Appearance Light Grey viscous liquid Principal Composite on Synthetic rubber Viscosity 350,000 cps ± 2% Solid Contest 85 ± 2% Specific Gravity 1.44 ± 0.10 Setting Time 24 hours depending on ambient temperature Skinning Time 2 – 5 minutes at 30ºc Solvent Aromatic highly inflammable solvent Adhesion Good adhesion onto metal, rigid PVC and concrete Water Resistance Good Electrical Insulated Flammability Dried film is non-combustible. Self-exgusting Method of use Ensure surface to be bonded should be dry, clean and free from dust, oil and grease. With a spatula or caulking gun, apply onto the seam to seal it. Leave dry for 3-4 hours to paint required. Storage When the sealant is kept in a well-sealant container and stored in a cool, dry place, a shelf life of the sealant at least 9 months from date of dispatch can be reasonable expected. Packaging 3.5 KG / can 4 KG / can 18KG / pail 19 KG / pail   read more
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Trophy Industrial Spray Adhesive
Trophy Non-Flammable Spray Adhesive
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